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10 AMAZING Painting Hacks. Paint Like a PRO.

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[Music] this is Christie Idaho painter here on paint live TV today I got 10 painting hacks for you in 10 minutes if you don't follow me on Facebook I'm on Facebook the Idaho painter and Instagram paint live TV and these are 10 hacks that I posted a while back on these two platforms and they're really cool and very simple and you don't want to miss them so stay tuned handy tip of the day we're gonna catch dust with our hand master when we're cutting the hole in wall got a imaginary hole we're gonna be dealing with right here but I'm gonna show you how you can catch the dust and debris with a hammer put a piece of paper on the wall and put up hold in the half now I'm gonna take a piece of tape I'm gonna bring my paper up put it in a slight angle tape it I'm gonna do the same thing to the opposite side and this is going to create a nice handy catch basin for everything that comes out of this hole when I'm cutting or sandy handy tip of the day when I show you the corner wall or this is an absolutely amazing roller this is what's different about the quarter plus roller then any other wall or one end of the roller is completely covered over and it makes doing cut ends simple and easy your corners don't have to be brushed and your walls and the ceiling corners don't have to be brushed at first are the same color combined with an extension pole it's gonna fit make things fast and easy the corner plus roller comes in polyester and it also comes in a microfiber roller and have and three-quarter ends this is a must-have for any do-it-yourselfer or a professional painter today I got a handy tip for you and it's how to keep overspray from running down your walls if you need to spray your trim and you've already painted your walls for some reason with this mask all around my window here the line is paper one inch tape and now the key to this is just flipping over your paper and count now just crease that now I'm going to talk back down in three places and I'll be doing this around my entire window just like this back on the edge middle on the top now I'll show you what effect that has if I spread my window trim right here I'm spraying here this flap right here this is the rajah home ready to come out and it's gonna kick out and it won't run down your wall so you won't have to repaint your wall simple handy tip to control overspray so I keep getting asked why would I use the brush baggie and here's one right here it looks extremely professional but customer walks in the house and they see my brush in this they know I'm neat clean and a professional painter so you can choose the brush baggie or you can choose a grocery bag and you can see how that looks if the customer walks in the house or you can use a doggie poop bag and your customer just might think you treat your tools like crap so what do you want to use a brush baggie or a doggie poop bag I got a simple little trick for you and that's making a spackle dispenser out of a little ziploc bag and it keeps your spackle from drying out on your spackle knife or from it drying up and you container while you're taking and filling the holes on your walls so all I got to do is just take a little bit of spackle out of my tainer like a spackle ball right here I'm gonna put this into a ziploc bag I'm just going to drop it down into the corner of the bag right here and this is an amazing little spackle dispenser that will not dry out you can sit out for days so I'm going to put it down the corner to get all the hair out of my bag and now all you got to do is poke a hole into your dispenser the size and the sparkle that you want to be dispensed I can poke a little tiny little hole and it's just gonna dispense a small amount of spackle just like that if you just got little pinholes to do or if you want a larger hole you can just poke a larger hole and it's a dispense more spackle so I can just poke a little bit larger hole and now I've got myself a nice little sparkle dispenser and I can just dispense it on to my knife and and dispense it just like that or I can just dispense it right into the holes on the wall to fill the holes and then I would just scrape them off with my knife simple little spackle dispenser what I've gone if I really concerned about save you money I can just open my spot with container take out the leftover spackle if I didn't use very much scrape it back inside there and simple little spot will have a lot more mix all the simple and easy way to make fast hot mud that's buttery smooth every single time it comes with 2 cups comes with a mud cup and a water cup it's mixed in a three to one ratio it also comes with a little rubber spatula that is for mixing the your mother mixed blood and we'll mix ball mixed balls of silicone ball so anything that drives inside of it easily cracks out just by crumpling the ball and a fall right out and cleaned very fast and very easy all I got to do is mix three cups of hot mud I'm gonna pour it out I got a small bag and I'm almost out of hot mud so we're gonna see what make three level scoops of hot mud there's one it's a level scoop three to one ratio and every single time give you perfect hot blood there's two one more and then one scoop of water so just enough almost out one scoop of water the water right in there and all I'm gonna do is take my spatula and my drill it comes out a little bit too thin for your liking [Music] looking pretty good so my consistency is looking think I'd want my buy just a little bit a little bit drier than that so I'll just add just a slight bit more three-to-one ratio gives you a pretty good consistency but now all you gotta do is just squeeze it right out of your ball no chunks like butter mud so there's butter smooth hot mud every single time just like pancakes so I keep UMass in a lot of my videos what is the short hose attached to my hair the spray gun and this is a hose whip or a gun with it makes your gun a lot more flexible lot easier to maneuver and get in and out of tight spaces ultimately it causes a lot less cam fatigue and less risk fatigue at the end of the day it just attaches to a standard airless hose this is a quarter-inch airless post this is a 3/16 inch gun whip right here it's a lot softer than this air hose right there so it taps it to your hero's air hose you're gonna have a lot less hand and wrist fatigue at the end of the day typically run in around eighteen to forty dollars depending on the brand or model you buy so I'm gonna show you a little handy little device from paint line is called a spray or weight it's a very simple way that you can spray cabinet doors I can spray them horizontally lay it down like this after I'm done spraying them you spray one side I can take the hanger from paint line and I can hang PSD our drying rack just like this the hey guys or you can take and put them on the paint line Pro Series right not just like this for them to dry and then you can flip them over and spray them the next day on this rate or paint line product that is now available on our fake life store at the end of the paper comment I'm going to talk about now when I replace my tips on finding finish tips like typically replace my tips around 20 to 30 gallons when I did that thirty gallon mark I'm typically starting to see a noticeable difference in my finish because the Orbis size is starting to get a little bit bigger and atomization is not as good as when the tip is brown now I'm very particular on my fine finish tips cuz I always want to get that glassy finish hold my production tips I'm typically running my tips around the sixty to a hundred gallons probably right around 60 to 80 ounces is what I'm using those tips for once again on a reductant tip you can start to see a noticeable difference in your spray pattern as you start to get that more precise worn out as it starts to get bigger you'll also notice a lot more fallout and overspray from the tips themselves so don't try to push those numbers up too high you want to replace the tips when they actually need to be replaced I got a simple little prank and it's making a brush holder for your buckets so your brushes don't fall into your buckets they keep some out of paint so they stay nice and clean and all you're gonna be using is a 7/8 inch cup up you can get from a hardware store and then you're gonna use in a 3/32 inch drill bit to drill a pilot hole into your brush so I'm going to do is going to take the brush I'm going to take the center the heart of the brush right here I'm just going to drill a little hole and I'm gonna go right and then off about halfway into the brush just like that and now I'm just going to screw my cup hook in there very simple in effect or not ineffective but effective brush holder and this is a cost-effective brush holder so there's a lot of different types out there magnets and other kind of things like this but this is gonna stay with your brush not get lost just like that and I'm going to turn it down so it cooks on your bucket just like that see a simple little brush holder for your buckets simple easy to do 7/8 inch CAPA 3/32 bit voila so thank you for staying with us for the last 10 minutes checking out these really cool painting acts if you haven't subscribed to our channel hit the subscribe button hit the notification build that when you get notified every time we come out with a new video just hit it punch it slam it do whatever you got to do it's free and easy to do give me a thumbs up if you liked the video and also if you want any other tools or accessories you see in any of our videos check out the video description or go to our store at store dot the idaho painter comm Oh [Music] [Music]

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