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What Are the Benefits of Repainting the Interior of Your Home?

by Birgit

There are many reasons why you might be thinking of repainting the interior of your home. The most common ones are you just bought a new home, or you are expecting a baby, or you just got tired of the way things look now, or maybe you are thinking of selling. These are just some of the reasons why you might want to repaint the interior for your home, and the upcoming winter months are the perfect time to do just that.  Whatever your reason is, consider the expert services of Universal Painting Contractors in Fairfield, CA if you live within a 25-mile radius.  Read on to learn more about the benefits of repainting the interior.

Apart From a New Look, What Are the Benefits of Repainting You May Not Have Thought Of?

  • Changing the wall color of a room will totally change the overall impact of the room, making it way cheaper than changing the interior design scheme.
  • Choosing the right color can make a room look bigger or appear to look smaller and cozier. White or light colors on the walls and ceiling will make any room look larger, whereas darker colors will have the opposite effect and can make a room look more intimate.
  • Changing the to the right paint colors can change your mood. We have known for a long time that there is a correlation between color and mood.  Selecting paint colors for your home shouldn’t just be a matter of aesthetics alone. Pay attention to the effect the color has on your well-being. Focus on how it makes you feel as opposed to picking a color because you like it. Interestingly, Psychologists have discovered that different color combinations also bring out different shades of our personalities. The trick is to leverage these colors in a way that results in a happy, healthy home. If that sounds challenging to you, consider working with our color consultant.
  • A new coat of paint with vibrant color pallets will help you remove sluggishness and overcome laziness. If the effects of COVID’s stay at home orders have made you feel sluggish, red is an excellent choice, as it helps with alertness. You could incorporate bold colors sparingly, such as painting your cupboards red for example to make them pop. You could also consider painting a statement wall in a feisty color while keeping the rest of the room neutral.
  • A coat of fresh paint will eliminate cigarette or other offensive smells.  Moved into a home that was previously occupied by smokers or people that cooked with curry? We can eliminate those smells once and for all.
  • Finally, and this one is especially important if your home is on the market because it can increase the value of your home in the eyes of the buyer.

Gone are the days where we painted everything white or off-white. Now, color is all around us, and people are wanting color in their homes according to the latest trends. But, it’s all about finding the colors that make you feel good and offer the benefits of repainting that you hoped for. There are colors that work for certain home styles, such as Victorian, but don’t be afraid to be creative. As an example, why not instead of using dark olive green on a Craftsman, go for a celery green that gives a fresh and lighter touch.

We know, the prospect of repainting the interior and deciding on colors for your home can feel like an overwhelming chore, but many paint companies offer online tools and paint collections that help you create a cohesive color palette. In addition, you can also consult with our color consultant.

Now that you know what the benefits of repainting the interior wall are don’t be afraid to experiment and use color. With some planning, and maybe our help, you can find the colors that will make your home an expression of your style, and get the interior of your home repainted in no time at all.



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