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Clever Interior Painting Ideas

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With fall having arrived and outdoor activities dwindling down many homeowners are shifting their attention to improving the interiors of their home. Short of hiring an interior designer and with a little bit of imagination and paint anyone can turn a room from ordinary to fabulous. Here are some clever interior painting ideas to get your creativity flowing and help you to transform your home.

Create Accent Walls

Interior Painting Ideas, Universal Painting Contractors, Inc.

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An accent wall is a wall that is a different color or texture than the rest of the walls in the room. It’s an ingenious way to liven up a space and make it appear larger than it actually is. Accent walls add depth and flair and will create a focal point. It can be painted, wallpapered, or feature a different texture like wood or brick. You can utilize many different alternative materials to create your accent wall. You can also create accent walls with interesting painted patterns and painting techniques. Like I mentioned above, you are only limited by your imagination and there is absolutely no reason why a room must be painted in just one color.



clever interior painting ideas, Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. Fairfield, CA 94534

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Choose a Bold Color

Don’t be afraid, color is great, so why not experiment with it. Don’t be afraid of going bold. Grab the color wheel and get ideas to mix colors for an attention-grabbing area. Who said that interior paint had to be boring? No one!  In fact, many of the paint manufacturers have chosen dark colors as the “in” color for the year 2020.  You could also consider using a 2-color theme.

Add Some Stripes

clever painting ideas, Universal Painting Contractor, Fairfield, CA 94534

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My personal favorite clever painting idea. Stripes have been a popular choice since the last century and they still are “in” and as attractive as ever.  In addition to painting stripes, you can go with strié instead. This French word refers to a dragging technique that is used to create texture. The strié finish will look almost like fabric. Go vertical or horizontal, include the ceiling or not, stripes will always break up a wall and add another dimension to the room.



Paint the Ceiling

clever painting ideas, UPC Paint, Fairfield, CA

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Here is one suggestion we don’t see a lot, and that is a pity. What a great way to add another dimension to your room. Again, there is no reason why the ceiling should match the color on the walls. You can go as bold or as neutral as you like. Want to create the appearance of your ceiling being higher than it is? Choose a dark ceiling with a lighter wall color. You could also add wallpaper with the texture of stone look to your ceiling, or add stencils to create “that look” you are after. If your ceilings are high enough add crown molding. With tiered or vaulted ceilings, you have even more room to get creative…the possibilities are endless.


Wallpaper is Here Again

Yes, it is. making a big comeback! If you do a wallpaper accent wall, you can pick other great colors to pair with the wallpaper. This will add more texture to the room. Whether you prefer a more simple style or favor extravagant designs, there are beautiful options available to match your style. In either case, you will have an endless amount of styling options.

Don’t Be Afraid of Metallic Paints

clever interior painting tips, UPC Paint, Fairfield, CA

Image Source: The Spruce

Looking for that “Woah” factor? Then add a little sparkle to your home with metallic paints.  Go bold or neutral, your choice. Metallic paints are just as easy to use as regular paints but offer a fresh design idea and has people reaching for golds, silvers, and a wide range of metallic color finishes to add a special pop.




Don’t Forget the Trim

We talked about painting the ceiling, let’s not forget the trim. There are so many different interior paint ideas when it comes to trim. Depending on the style of your home, you could try going for the same color as the walls, darker trim with lighter walls, or choose unexpected but coordinating colors.

Make a Statement with Contemporary Patterns

contemporary wall designes, UPC Paint, Fairfield, CA

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If plain Jane is not your name, you might like this suggestion. If you are the person that likes the look of fabrics coordinating with your walls, this is the way to go. This technique is often applied in formal living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms where the linen or window treatments will match the color and pattern on the walls.



Hire a Professional

There is more to painting than meets the idea. Proper prep work is crucial to get the outcome you want.  Especially, when it comes to intricate work such as striping you’ll want to be sure that there are no paint bleeds. Plus, there are an endless amount of possibilities when it comes to interior painting ideas. With options for every style and everyone’s personal taste, you’re sure to make the most out of your style hiring a seasoned painting contractor. Working with a professional painting contractor near you is a smart choice. Pick one that can assist you with color consultation and has gained a good reputation in your area and knows all of the clever interior painting ideas.  Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. has been making homes beautiful since 1996 and earned the painter of the year award for many years. Give us a call if you would like to get a free and Covid-safe interior painting estimate.

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