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Does a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint Prevent Wood Rot?

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Wood Rot and How to Prevent It

Did you know that rot and mold are as dangerous to our homes and businesses as they are to us? If wood rot goes untreated for long enough, it’ll eat away create dangerous holes in the structure of the building. Rot does create lasting, hard-to-clear damage that is very costly to repair. Prevention is always better than the cure and the best way to avoid this is to use preventative exterior painting.  Keep reading to learn how preventative exterior painting will save you from this dilemma.

Paint Will Provide a Protective Coating

One of the biggest benefits of exterior house painting is the protection it affords to the exposed wooden areas. Without the paint (or a sealant of a different kind) moisture would seep into the wood and it would start to rot from the inside out. Places that don’t get much sunlight are the most susceptible to wood rot. Eaves, siding, and window sills, as well as the underside of decks, all need extra protection against excess moisture. Paint repels moisture, so by applying a protective coat of paint, you’ll never have to worry when it rains.

Exterior painting to prevent wood rot

Seals Vulnerable Gaps and Cracks

You might not even know a potential problem exists in your home’s exterior. Paint seals the tiniest cracks and gaps and protects the wood from moisture intrusion. Even small blemishes will start to get bigger if they’re left without any remediation. Sooner or later, you’ll have to deal with a much larger and more expensive problem.

Professional exterior house painting contractors know how to remediate this kind of problem. They’ll protect all of the vulnerable places of the building, sealing them off so that excess moisture, bugs, and other nuisances don’t cause greater damage to your building.

Curb Appeal

When wood rot makes its appearance, it never looks good. The wood crumbles and falls apart and attracts bugs to make a new home inside the pulp. Needless to say, it affects your home’s curb appeal. It’s not a fun thing for any property owner to have to deal with, so it’s important to protect your building before it ever gets to this point. A fresh coat of paint will increase the buildings’ curb appeal and helps give it a fresh look and protect it from wood rot. It’s a win-win!

Prevent Wood Rot From Infecting Your Building With Exterior Painting

If you’re looking for the best defense of your property against wood rot, then exterior painting is the right solution for you. All of the benefits work together to ensure that your building is protected for a long time against excess moisture. You’ll never again need to worry during a rainstorm or when spring arrives. It is also a good idea to protect wood decks and fences with a coat of protective sealant and keep them protected from wood rot for a while.

Have you noticed signs of wood rot?  If you are concerned about the danger of wood rot invading your walls make sure to contact us right away to get an estimate and hop onto our schedule.


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