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Drywall Repair In Fairfield

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Looking for drywall repair in Fairfield and beyond?

You may know Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. as a premier painting contractor for residential and commercial properties and chances are, you have seen our crews in the Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo neighborhoods, and beyond. But did you know that we do drywall repair in Fairfield and beyond as well?

Damage to drywall – also know as gypsum board – is an all too common a problem in properties and needs to be repaired before a wall can be repainted.  Drywall is a less than perfect building material that has been around for decades as the cheaper replacement for plaster. It’s fragile, subject to dings and small holes, cracking and it is easily ruined by just a small amount of water, and very susceptible to mold. There are water-resistant varieties available now. But drywall can still be challenging, especially when you are trying to hang pictures for instance.

However, as of yet, we have not come up with a better solution for interior walls. If you compare drywall with plaster, plaster is much more labor-intensive to install and takes a long time to dry.

The best part of drywall is that most of the messy work is done in a factory.  No matter how well the drywall is hung and finished, eventually, it will need repairs. Everyday life brings about all sorts of wear and tear. Over time, gypsum board walls can sustain ugly cracks or holes. Drywall is prone to crack due to natural ground expansion and contraction even if there are no earthquakes. But there is no need to be alarmed, drywall is not that hard to repair, but there is an art to it. The most extensive drywall damage is fixable, even if it means replacing large pieces.

The best method to use when repairing drywall depends on the type of damage. Drywall repair can be broken down into the following categories:

Each has to be fixed accordingly. At Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. we know how to do drywall repairs of any kind. We don’t just make the necessary repairs. We’ll also strive to identify why and how the drywall was damaged in the first place and recommend ways to avoid this from happening again.  If the drywall is beyond repair, we can help remove the damaged drywall and install new drywall.

Drywall Repair Near Me

Professional drywall repair in Fairfield and beyond is important to keep your walls looking good. Whether your overly rambunctious kids created holes in the walls, suffered a water intrusion, or need to cover an unsightly crack, our drywall contractors have seen and repaired it all. Not anyone can do drywall repair and not all painting companies provide this service. It’s messy, and without the proper level of experience, the repair job will never match the existing wall.

Our Universal Painting technicians have the skill to repair your drywall and paint the area so you will never know it’s been repaired. Serving Fairfield and the surrounding cities since 1994, we have gained a vast amount of experience that allows us to offer fast and quality service to homeowners and businesses who have experienced damage to their drywall.

If you live near Fairfield Ca and your drywall has been damaged, call Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. drywall experts at 707-427-0445.



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