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reasons to paint your brick house in Fairfield, CA

Reasons to Paint Your Brick House In Fairfield

by Birgit
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Chances are that you have driven past a house and you instantly thought, ‘OMG, that’s beautiful. That’s what’s referred to as street appeal. How the exterior of your home looks is what attracts people in general and potential homebuyers in particular. So, would that be enough of a reason to paint your brick house in Fairfield, CA?

If you’re thinking about creating a new look to the exterior of your brick home, you should consider painting it. And if done right, it’s something that will improve the street appeal and increase the value of your home at the same time.

But before you jump in and start painting your exterior brick walls, here are a few things you should know.

3 Compelling Reasons for Painting Your Exterior Brickwork

Just because when you bought or built your home you chose a brick finish way back when doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Here’s why you should paint your brick house in Fairfield:

Achieve a new, updated look

If you love where you live and don’t want to move, painting the exterior bricks will make you feel like you’re in a brand new home. You can easily change your entire color scheme from tired old red or orange bricks to a clean and modern shade.

Paint protects the bricks from the elements

Exterior brick painting protects against water damage and reduces the fading and deterioration of your brickwork. Most people know about external walls needing maintenance, but they’re unaware the same is required for bricks. Painting your bricks (when done correctly) will act as a sealant to protect your home, covering any cracks in your mortar or bricks.

Exterior walls are easier to clean

The porous nature of bricks means that dirt gets stuck and is harder to clean. Dirty brick will make your home looking old and the bricks deteriorate quicker. Painting your bricks provides a smooth surface that you’ll find a breeze to clean with a quick squirt from your power washer.

Here are some potential cons that you need to be aware of before you start painting the exterior bricks of your home.

You need to consider it as a permanent feature. Once bricks are painted, they need to stay painted. Although it can be removed, you’ll find it to be a super expensive exercise. But, once you’ve painted your bricks, you can paint them as often as you like, so changing colors is always an option.

Another You’ll need to clean it more often. You’ll find that dirt and mildew are more evident on painted bricks which will detract from your street appeal. You can either hit the walls with a pressure cleaner or hire professionals to get the job done for you (it’s relatively inexpensive).

You may find moisture is trapped, causing bricks to crack. All external finishes have a degree of trouble when it comes to moisture retention, but it can become an issue with painted brickwork nearer to the ground. It’s recommended that you repaint your home every 7-10 years to help prevent moisture traps. And it’s a great excuse to keep your exterior brickwork looking brand new.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint Your Brick House?

Hard to give an exact cost estimate because a few factors come into play, including whether you’re attempting to DIY or hire a professional painter. It also depends on the size of your home and if you’ve chosen to paint your entire home or you’re just sprucing up the façade of your home.

Professional House Painting Tips For Exterior Brick Walls

should-you-paint-your-brick-home.jpgIf your bricks are moldy, chipped, or damaged, don’t paint over them without using a sealant. You’ll end up with moisture damage, and your efforts will be a waste of time. Never, ever skimp on paint quality. Make sure you’re using masonry paint with primer to get lasting results that won’t flake off and look dodgy.

Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. has lots of experience with painting brick houses. Our team knows how to properly prep the walls for a long-lasting result. We can also assist with color selection and wall repairs. If you live in or within a 25-mile radius of Fairfield, CA give us a call for a free estimate and a long list of happy customers.

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