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reasons to paint your brick house in Fairfield, CA

Reasons to Paint Your Brick House In Fairfield

by Birgit
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Chances are that you have driven past a house and you instantly thought, ‘OMG, that’s beautiful. That’s what’s referred to as street appeal. How the exterior of your home looks is what attracts people in general and potential homebuyers in particular. So, would that be enough of a reason to paint your brick house in Fairfield, CA? If you’re thinking about creating a new look to the exterior of your brick home, you should consider painting it. And if done right, it’s something that will improve the street appeal and increase the value of your home at the same time. […]
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Vacaville Exterior Painters Save You Time and Money

by admin
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Why do you need Vacaville Exterior Painters? Do you think it’s time again to repaint the exteriors of your Vacaville home? Exterior walls are always exposed to the hot sun, wind, and yes, even rains (if we are lucky enough to get them in the rainy season). This constant exposure erodes away the protection paint offers. You might get the impulse to buy up some paint and get the job done yourself, but we’d recommend that you save the job for those with more experience. Here’s why you should reach out to exterior painting contractors instead. Extensive Surface Preparation For […]
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Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

by admin
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The real estate market is booming. Whether you own your home as your primary residence or as an investment property, you very likely stand to benefit by investing in its long-term value. If you spend time and money for upgrades now, you’ll see a higher return on investment (ROI) when you list your home down the road. Let’s review some of the best projects to complete prior to putting the home on the market and other tips to increase the value of your home. Tip 1: Kitchen and Bathroom Updates Updating the kitchen countertops and cabinets has been proven to […]
commercial painting by Universal Painting, Fairfield, CA

What to Expect From a Commercial Painting Contractor

by admin
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For most business property owners, the first step of any painting project is finding an experienced commercial painting contractor they can trust to get the job done. They can start with Google and other search engines and the company’s websites, read reviews to get a better idea of whom to invite for an estimate. Social media is another place to find and evaluate local commercial painting contractors with a good reputation. In addition -if you can – be sure to also take a look at the contractor’s professional qualifications,  license, and insurance credentials. Finally, you will want to make sure […]
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The 4 Benefits of Residential Painting in Vacaville

Have you ever found yourself walking around your neighborhood noticing that one house that stood out just because of how it was painted? Have you ever been inside a home that has the same floor plan as yours but looks so different just because of the way it was painted? Painting the interior and exterior of your home is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to transform its appearance and increase its value. Whether you’re considering an exterior color update, an interior color change, or updating your kitchen cabinets to a more modern look, these makeovers will not only add […]
wood rot repair by Universal Painting Contractors, Inc.

What is Wood Rot

by Birgit
Wood rot is an unwelcome issue most homeowners experience at one point or another. Wood rot can be found in any part of your home where there is timber as long as the environmental conditions exist for the outbreak. It can be as simple as a small piece of trim to affecting an entire home. Over time wood rot can lead to a number of structural problems, including deteriorated support posts and beams, rotted floor and ceiling joists, and destroyed roof decking. The cost to repair the damage—or, in other words, replace the rotted wood—can run in the tens of […]
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Exterior House Painting Ideas to Consider

by admin
Looking for exterior house painting ideas to consider?  You have come to the right place.  We recently saw this article originally published here and decided to post it here as well in the hopes it will help our readers: “While most homeowners put a lot of thought, time, and effort into decorating the inside of their homes, many often overlook the importance of the outer appearance of their house. Having a beautiful exterior and front yard is the first thing people see and as such, it is significant if one wants to leave a good first impression. Moreover, having an […]
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What are the Benefits of an Exterior House Painting Service?

by admin
There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when repainting the exterior of the house needs to be considered. Once the homeowner gets past the “should I repaint the house myself or should I hire a contractor” question, invariably, the “hire a contractor” option wins.  And for good reason.  Repainting an entire home is a huge endeavor requiring know-how, time, and tools beyond the paint itself. Often this will result in unforeseen added expenses and pitfalls that are better left unexplored.  That is where the benefits of an exterior house painting service become evident. Once that mental dilemma has been […]

Benefits to Repainting Your Home Inside and Out

Considering to repaint your home inside and out but need a little more information? Apart from aesthetics, it’s a commonly acknowledged fact that the quickest and easiest way to change the look and feel of a home is to repaint inside and out.  Compared to hiring an Interior Designer or Remodeling Company it is also the cheapest way. No doubt, changing the color of the whole exterior can totally alter the appearance and improve the curb appeal, updating the interior walls can boost morale and transform the space. But if you need more convincing read on to learn more about […]