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2021 trendy exterior paint colors | Pewter Cast

Why You Should Hire an Exterior Painting Contractor in Fairfield, CA

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Is your property in need of a new coat of exterior paint? After years of sun exposure, wind, and rain the exterior walls probably look faded or washed out, which is to be expected. If you are like many homeowners you might be tempted to buy some paint and attempt to do the job yourself, but we’d recommend that you hire a professional exterior painting contractor in Fairfield instead. And here’s why: Better Surface Preparation A superior end result is dependent upon the preparation. And this is so true with painting. Professional painters are trained to recognize potential future problems […]
2021 trendy exterior paint colors

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors for 2021

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You are looking to paint the exterior of your home, but you can’t decide on what color? There are hundreds of colors and shades to choose from just one of the paint manufacturers and there are many. So you get stuck – which is rather typical when there are too many choices – you cannot seem to settle on one. Of course, if you – like most of us here in the Bay area – live in an HOA-controlled neighborhood this may not be an issue for you. You may need to follow the color schemes dictated by the CC&Rs. […]
wood rot remediation | Universal Painting Contractors, Inc.

Does a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint Prevent Wood Rot?

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Wood Rot and How to Prevent It Did you know that rot and mold are as dangerous to our homes and businesses as they are to us? If wood rot goes untreated for long enough, it’ll eat away create dangerous holes in the structure of the building. Rot does create lasting, hard-to-clear damage that is very costly to repair. Prevention is always better than the cure and the best way to avoid this is to use preventative exterior painting.  Keep reading to learn how preventative exterior painting will save you from this dilemma. Paint Will Provide a Protective Coating One of […]
interior repainting schedules by Universal Painting Contractors, Inc.

How Often Should You Repaint the Interior of Your Home?

by Birgit
Have you ever wondered about interior repainting schedules? How often you should repaint the interior walls of your home really depends on several factors: usage – a kitchen will most like need repainting more frequently due to grease exposure and a bathroom due to moisture exposure traffic – a hallway and the kid’s bedrooms experience more wear and tear and will need repainting more often than a living room would exposure to smoke or other pungent smells. Heavy usage and exposure can deteriorate the paint on the walls quickly. They can get dirty-looking, stained, chipped off, and cracked. As a […]
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House Color Trends for 2020

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Thinking of repainting your home but don’t know the house color trends for 2020? Why is that important? The color of a house reflects the personality and image of the people living there. But it also paints a picture of time if the color is outdated and reflects a time of the past. For instance, in the eighties, the popular colors were pastels like mauve, coral, and seafoam green.  In the nineties, we saw deep jewel tones, like hunter green and burgundy. But that is not all that does influence the first-hand impression of a home. Over time even the […]