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what is the difference between interior and exterior paints

What is The Difference Between Interior and Exterior Paints

by admin
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What is the difference between interior and exterior paint is a question we often get asked. To answer this question I am taking the liberty to repost this article that was originally published here because it does explain it rather well. Read on… Painting is a great way to breathe new life into your home or business, from exterior siding to interior details and everything in between. However, before you start your next paint project, it’s important to know which paint is best for which surfaces or locations. Why? Because you want the best results, and interior and exterior paints have […]

Is Faux Painting Still Hot or Not?

by Birgit
WHAT EXACTLY IS FAUX PAINTING? The word “faux” means mimicking the look or feel of other materials, such as marble, granite, suede, or wood. While it takes some know-how, patience, and creativity to successfully complete a faux finish project, the results will convince you that the work and amount of time spent were worth it. The Most Common Faux Techniques Sponging: Sponging is perhaps the easiest form of faux painting technique to learn. All it takes is a natural sea sponge, glaze, and two or three colors of paint to add dimension. Marbleizing: Probably one of the most common ones. […]