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The Ins and Outs of Molding and Trim

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Did you know that Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. also installs molding and trim?  In fact, we do any type of molding and trim to make your cabinets and rooms stand out. So, next time you are ready to repaint your kitchen consider adding molding to your cabinets to make them look more complete and polished. Or perhaps you are thinking about repainting your living room, dining room, or any other room in your house, why not add crown molding there as well? Adding moldings and updating your baseboard trim is a great way to add that extra touch and uniqueness to your space.

You may not realize but there are a variety of types, styles, and patterns available. It can be a bit overwhelming, and if you are, read on to discover what is available and for what purpose.

Crown Molding

You’ve probably heard of crown molding, a popular type of molding that helps your rooms look more finished and elegant. And, if your kitchen cabinets are looking plain, adding crown molding could make all the difference. Crown molding is installed at the top of the cabinets or where the walls and the ceiling meet. Depending on the height of your kitchen ceiling, crown molding can be installed against the ceiling or with some space left above.

Riser Molding

Riser molding is paired with crown molding to help raise the crown a bit higher to allow it to bond with the ceiling. This is a great choice if your crown molding isn’t quite thick enough to reach the ceiling and you want to close off any gap above your cabinets.

Light Rail Molding

Usually found in the kitchen or where cabinets are present and used at the base of your upper cabinets. This type of molding adds a decorative touch while concealing under-cabinet lighting. Choose a light rail that complements the style of your crown molding for a seamless, finished look.

Cabinet Base Molding

Base molding adds visual interest and a sense of foundation to your lower cabinets. Installed at the foot of the cabinets, base molding gives the space a more finished appearance. If your kitchen already had molding around the edges of the floor, adding base molding to your cabinets creates a seamless, integrated look.

Toe Kick Molding

Toe kick molding is a simple addition that serves to cover the exposed wood under the bottom edge of your lower cabinets, giving it a clean look.

Outside Corner Molding

Outside corner molding is an optional addition to your cabinets that adds a decorative, traditional detail to the outer corners. When selecting an outside corner molding, be sure it blends well with the other molding on your cabinets.

Scribe Molding

Used to even out uneven or inconsistent walls and ceilings, leaving unsightly gaps after cabinets are installed. Scribe molding is a thin trim used to cover a small gap left between the backside of your cabinets and the wall. It gives the installation a cleaner look.


Choosing the molding or the trim is one of the last things you’ll need to consider when you’re building or renovating a home.  And even though it might seem like a small detail, your baseboard style can give a whole new look to your room. However, it can be a little confusing because there’s a lot of different types and styles to choose from. If you already have a crown or cabinet molding pick the one that is a match.

In Conclusion

Much like molding, choosing the right baseboard depends upon a variety of aspects. Try to match existing molding, the style of your home, ceiling height. Also, decide on the preferred material, and of course your budget.  We source the majority of our wood from a local lumber yard in Fairfield called Howards Doors. Once we find the correct style for you, our crew will cut and set the wood flush with your walls and finish up with paint.


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