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Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home

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The real estate market is booming. Whether you own your home as your primary residence or as an investment property, you very likely stand to benefit by investing in its long-term value. If you spend time and money for upgrades now, you’ll see a higher return on investment (ROI) when you list your home down the road. Let’s review some of the best projects to complete prior to putting the home on the market and other tips to increase the value of your home.

Tip 1: Kitchen and Bathroom Updates

kitchen cabinet repainting | UPC Paint | Fairfield, CA 94534Updating the kitchen countertops and cabinets has been proven to add value to your home.  Especially, if you invest in high-quality—but not necessarily luxury—materials. The experts say that any combination of stone (quartz or granite) countertops and real wood cabinets are what you should be looking for. But, don’t neglect everything else that goes into making a kitchen great, from the backsplash, flooring to lighting and appliances.

As one might expect, these “big ticket” projects come with a relatively high upfront cost. Even a modest, mid-range kitchen or bathroom remodel will cost thousands to complete. Depending on your market, you may get all of that money back when you sell, but we recommend talking to your realtor before you start knocking out any interior walls.

Tip 2: Declutter

We all know how easy it is to accumulate stuff.  But ever so often you should make an effort to declutter. That is especially important if you are getting ready to sell. Not only will your home show better, it will also create the impression of a tidy, organized home. While you are at it, you might also like to familiarize yourself with the principles of Feng Shui and try your hand a rearranging your furniture. This could work wonders in creating the appearance of flow and space which could be very attractive to potential home buyers.

Tip 3: Clean Up the Yard

Curb appeal still matters! Many buyers do, in fact, judge a house by how it looks on the outside. Even now when most homebuyers first find pictures of your house online. If your home looks messy from the street—including overgrown landscaping or a broken fence—it will impact the way they see it and the way they perceive its value.

To get ready for listing, clean up your yard – front and back.  Trim back overgrown bushes and trees, fix broken fences and do what it takes to make it look good. Additionally, dispose of outdated play equipment and piles of chunk no longer in use.

Tip 4: Update your Paint

color consultation | Universal Painting Contractors, Inc., Fairfield CA 94534Refreshing your interior and exterior paint is a must if you are planning to put the house on the market and hope to fetch top Dollar. Interior and exterior painting is generally an inexpensive way to take years off of your property. Choosing trendy colors will make your home look as fresh and new as the day you first bought it. Painting might also address some structural defects such as stucco or drywall repairs, caulking cracks, and taking care of other defects prior to painting.  Choosing the right colors can do wonders for a property such as highlighting structural features or diminish them as needed. Of course, if your plan is to sell you might select colors that have a wide appeal rather than that “in your face” shade.

You could also consider having your kitchen and bathroom cabinets repainted rather than investing in replacing them. Painting is always a cheaper alternative to replacing, especially when the cabinets are still in good condition.

Here is another tip to increase the value of your home most people never think about….

Tip 5: Allow Enough Time For All Your Projects Before Putting Your Home on the Market.

A well-thought-after and respected contractor and painting contractor such as Universal Painting Contractors is usually booked for months in advance.

I hope my tips to increase your home value have been helpful to you.

Universal Painting Contractors can assist you with interior and exterior painting including making the necessary repairs required for a smooth finish. UPC can also assist with color consultations to make sure that you will be happy with your color choice. You can visit the website to book an appointment for a free written estimate.


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