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Top Reasons Why People Repaint the Interiors of their Home

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Considering interior painting? There are numerous reasons why individuals choose to repaint their interior walls, but here are the 4 most common ones:

– They are getting ready to sell the property
– The just moved into a new house
– A baby is on the way
– They are tired of the same tinted wall surfaces they have lived with for many years and are craving something new

… however, there are many more reasons that warrant a repaint, some of them not quite so obvious.

1. More Affordable than a Remodel
Ready for a change but can’t afford a remodel? Repainting your interiors can give you a make-over at a fraction of the cost of a remodel or hiring an Interior Designer.  Homeowners all over discover the uplifting advantages of repainting their rooms and cabinets to refresh their residence and living atmosphere.

2. Renewed Pride of Ownership and Emotional Rejuvenation
It is truly fantastic how changing the indoor shades of your residence can have the result of transforming your living environment and renew your overall wellbeing.

3. Improve Indoor Air Quality
Stale or musky air trapped inside the home? The painting of the indoor wall surfaces, cupboards, doors, and trims with low VOC and zero-VOC paints can minimize existing odors and fumes thus improve indoor air quality.

4. Minimizes Dust and Dirt
Residing in a residence with plaster walls? Painting the interior walls with top quality paints like Benjamin Moore or Kelly Moore can curtail dust and dirt emitted from the plaster for a cleaner environment.

5. Hides Permanent Marks and Discolorations
A problem often found in older residences. Primer and a new coat of quality paint can hide pesky marks and discolorations that are challenging to eliminate.

6. Protects Interior Surfaces
Much like the exterior wall, the interior walls are subjected to moisture, oils, and dirt. Adding a fresh coat of paint to all your surfaces will add a layer of protection, renew, and refresh.

7. Boosts the Real Estate Worth of Your Residence
This is specifically crucial for those that are looking to sell their house. It has been proven that repainting the interior and the exterior wall and trim surfaces will certainly increase the real estate value of your residence. Unfortunately, too many homeowners only find it necessary to repaint when they are getting ready to sell rather than enjoy the benefits for themselves.

What Colors Should You Pick?

That all relies on your individual taste and lifestyle, however below are some general guidelines for you to consider.

  • Light or white paints make small spaces appear bigger.
  • Bright shades can make a family or playroom fun and dynamic.
  • Pastels can make a bedroom serene and cozy.

Select the shades you like, pin the paint swatches on your walls for a look-see. Once you narrowed your choices down to two, we suggest getting the smallest amount of paint you can buy and brush it on your walls in different places to see the effects of lighting at different times of the day. This small expense is well worth it to prevent painting a room in the wrong shade of color.

Should You Do It Yourself or Contract an Interior Painting Specialist?

Unless you have some painting experience and all the required tools available to you we recommend you hire an excellent paint specialist.  Interior painting requires the moving of furniture, extensive masking and covering, and the right tools to get the job done fast. The benefits of hiring an interior painting company are that he has an experienced crew that will get the job done in far less time it will take you and save you the expense of having to purchase all necessary tools for the job.
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