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2021 trendy exterior paint colors

Trendy Exterior Paint Colors for 2021

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You are looking to paint the exterior of your home, but you can’t decide on what color? There are hundreds of colors and shades to choose from just one of the paint manufacturers and there are many. So you get stuck – which is rather typical when there are too many choices – you cannot seem to settle on one. Of course, if you – like most of us here in the Bay area – live in an HOA-controlled neighborhood this may not be an issue for you. You may need to follow the color schemes dictated by the CC&Rs. But if you don’t, just take a deep breath and read on! In this blog post, we have put together a few of the most trendy exterior paint colors for 2021.  So, let’s take a look and see what colors might best suit your home.

  • Warm, Creamy Whites

trendy exterior paint colorsYou cannot go wrong with warm, creamy whites. They are always a winner. We are not talking about a stark white that will produce a harsh glare when hit by sunlight. Instead, for the exterior, we recommend warm off-white colors that make your house pop but still protect you from the harshness of light and dirt. Consider an off-white look with darker accents for a complete modern house look.


  • Pale Gray

trendy exterior painting colorsAnother trendy exterior paint color in 2021 is pale gray. Still very popular. The trend seems to be towards warm shades of gray with green undertones. Last year we saw a lot of greiges which is gray with brown undertones. As you can see, this is a very classy look with just the right tone for your home’s exterior. It is neither too sharp nor too light. In fact, it appears a bit on the cooler side depending on the lighting.

Sherwin Williams has two shades that we highly recommend if you want to pull off this look: Dovetail (shown in the image) and Crushed Ice. These colors give your home the look of ambiance and peace, even from afar. Couple with lighter accent colors to give it a nice contrast.

  • Dark Gray

trendy exterior paint colorsIf your preference is toward making a bolder statement then dark gray will appeal to you. Dark gray will forever have its place on the top trending colors’ list. It is a beautiful color on your home’s exterior and it’s one of the easiest colors to pick. You can rest assured that it will accentuate all the features of your home. It is also perfect for dusty weather. Your home will almost certainly never look dirty. Definitely one of our favorite ones.

Our top picks for dark gray would be Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams (pictured here). Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore has a bit of a blue undertone, but you will love it on your exterior walls.

  • Beige

These past few years saw most homeowners shunning beige because the market was flooded with quite a few shades that tended to turn into yellow. Thankfully, we do not see this so much anymore. 2021 has seen more people opt for a warm beige tone that maintains its color and blends beautifully with whatever environment you live in.

You can get in on the trend with Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams or Shaker Beige by Benjamin Moore. These two are all the rage this year.

  • Slate Blue

Have you ever heard of slate blue? It is a unique mixture of gray and blue to produce one of the most serene colors you have ever seen. Slate blue is a neutral color so you need not worry about your home looking too flamboyant. On the other hand, you will undoubtedly get a lot of compliments.

Slate blue is also one of those colors that are affected by light. It may appear different in sunny and cloudy scenarios. Factor this in as you consider your perfect color so that your exterior looks good despite the time or weather. Look at Sherman Williams Storm Cloud or Smoky Blue.

  • Navy Blue

Another trendy exterior paint color in 2021 is Navy Blue, and rightly so. Check out the Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. Navy blue is not one of those colors you just pick and go. There are tens of shades with some appearing bluer than others. Do not be surprised if you stumble upon a navy blue that looks more like royal blue.

We usually suggest neutral shades of blue to all homeowners looking to painting their home’s exterior. Your home will certainly not stick out like a sore thumb in your neighborhood and you can still maintain the elegance that comes with a navy-blue coat. You can go all out and have your entire home painted navy blue or go with some warm colors to highlight your accents.

We recommend that you test the color directly on your wall before you buy. Only then will you have a clear picture of how dark or how light the paint color is.

  • Earthy Green

trendy exterior paint colors for 2021 | earth greenThe color green is not for everyone, although some homeowners may love it as much as we do. It generally is not considered a “safe” color”.  Most people use green shades for accents only but there are no rules other than what your taste dictates. You can pull off an overall green look and with the right shade, such as from Sherwin Williams and Saybrook Sage from Benjamin Moore. These are wonderful shades of earthy green and a great place to start.

Although some people may be excited about trying it out, you do not want to make a mistake that could cost you both time and money. That is why we recommend that you consult a virtual exterior design tool such as the one you can find on the Sherman Williams website. Or, as an alternative, consult with a color consultant, a service that we provide at Universal Painting Contractors.

  • Pewter

2021 trendy exterior paint colors | Pewter CastThis is not a color you may be familiar with. But not to worry! That is what we are here for. In fact, many homeowners have caught on to pewter and used it for their exterior painting jobs. It is never too late to join the trend.

Pewter is a metallic shade of gray that gives off a bit of a blue element. It is a bit darker than your typical gray yet neutral enough for anyone who wants to play it safe. We cannot say exactly why pewter is getting so much attention this new year but it’s a magnificent, color, that’s for sure. If you do choose to try it out, go for reputable options like Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore or Pewter Cast by Sherwin Williams.

Now that we have shared some of the 2021 trendy exterior paint colors with you, we have one questions:

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