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Why Hire a Paint Color Consultant

The exterior and interior appeal of any kind of building is subject to several elements: the structure itself, construction elements, the functionality of the space, and also the curb appeal. Selecting the appropriate paint pallet can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of any space. However, picking the right type of paint for the space, and the right colors does require some homework. After all, who hasn’t experienced selecting a shade from a paint swatch only to be disappointed with the outcome? That’s why consulting with an expert paint color consultant is invaluable.

The Pros of Hiring a Paint Color Consultant

Here are some of the many questions you will ask yourself prior to a painting project which will make the need to work with a Paint Color Consultant evident:

  • Which type of paint should I choose?

Paint is available in the form of oil or latex and also in a range of sheens. Latex paint is one of the most preferred paints because of its durability, toughness, and ease of clean-up. Also, latex paint doesn’t discolor and unlike oil paint, it does not blister. Nevertheless, oil-based paint is excellent for wood moldings, doors, wooden window frames, and trim.

  • Which sheen should I select?

The glossier the paint, the less complicated it is to clean up. High gloss paints are perfect for kitchens, high traffic areas, spaces frequented by little kids because they can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge. High gloss is additionally wonderful for trim, matching the flatter shine of your wall surfaces.

Semi-gloss would additionally be a great selection for cooking areas as well as bathrooms and trim allowing for easy wash-ability with less shine than the high gloss option. The added benefit is that semi-gloss paint is somewhat less expensive. Satin sheens have a satiny smooth coating to them and could also be utilized in cooking areas, bathrooms, as well as corridors.

If your walls have obvious flaws, choose a matte paint finish. The disadvantage of this paint is that it does not stand up well to cleaning and has a tendency to reveal dust much more.

Probably the most popular sheen is eggshell, which hides flaws but is easier to clean, more durable and smoother to the touch. This type of paint is a great option for a lot of spaces as it appears to have the best of both the flat and shiny gloss.

  • Which color scheme should I pick?

Well, that depends on your taste and needs. For a bedroom, you might want a calming, relaxing look whereas for a living room you might want a more sophisticated or a dynamic appearance. You can alter the look and feel of any exterior or indoor space with a little planning and the colors to fit your desires.

A good guideline is to remember the color wheel. The primary colors are: red, yellow and blue. These are on the color wheel at 12:00, 4:00 and 8:00 respectively. Colors near each other on the color wheel such as blue and purple are harmonious to each other, whereas colors on the opposite end of the color wheel will be in contrast but will perfectly play off each other.

Staying within the very same shade of color will provide you a subtle and soothing appearance, while painting with colors such as blues and purples will make small rooms appear larger and airier while colors such as reds, yellows, as well as orange will give a room a lively appearance. The possibilities are endless and ultimately determined by your taste.

Lighting changes during the day will also make a huge difference in how the paint color portraits and needs to be considered as well.

Looking to Sell?
If you are preparing to sell your space, I recommend picking a white or beige color inside or out. This will permit the customer to easily change the colors according to their tastes and will give your spaces a brighter and also tidy appearance.

What to Look For In a Professional Paint Colorist

As you can see picking the ideal paint type and also a color scheme can be quite complicated. Most people don’t seem to have the eye for colors or can visualize the finished product, so employing an expert seems like the best option.

There are a host of elements to take into consideration when hiring a service provider, but picking the very best one for you does entail some detective work. First, you need to assemble a checklist of painting service providers near you that also offer color consultation, check on their availability, references, licenses, insurance, and finally get quotes. Beware of the cheapest bidder though. It usually means a lack of insurance or experience or both.

Why Consider Us?

Universal Painting Service Providers, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Steve Fitzpatrick. As we developed this business, we adhered to a basic philosophy: provide clients the highest quality service for the fairest rate. This philosophy earned us Business of the Year for many years. We have been serving customers in Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Vallejo, American Canyon, and Napa with amazing service, and a comprehensive portfolio of quality interior and exterior painting services, including color consultation.


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