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Why You Should Hire an Exterior Painting Contractor in Fairfield, CA

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exterior painting job in Fairfield CAIs your property in need of a new coat of exterior paint? After years of sun exposure, wind, and rain the exterior walls probably look faded or washed out, which is to be expected. If you are like many homeowners you might be tempted to buy some paint and attempt to do the job yourself, but we’d recommend that you hire a professional exterior painting contractor in Fairfield instead. And here’s why:

Better Surface Preparation

A superior end result is dependent upon the preparation. And this is so true with painting. Professional painters are trained to recognize potential future problems caused by the presence of mold, mildew, dry rot, or damage caused by water intrusion, just to name a few. An exterior painting contractor will also have the expertise to make the necessary repairs and patch and smooth the exterior walls to make them look great again. You may just be tempted to paint over these problem areas only to find that the paint will flake within a short time and you having to face expensive repairs later on.

Superior Long-Lasting Results

While most aspiring painters may be able to repaint a room and have it look pretty good, painting the outsides of a house is a different story entirely. It takes a lot more than some tools and watching a few YouTube videos. Not only are you facing larger exterior surfaces but some will be harder and more dangerous to get to without scaffolding.  These constraints will cause problems to practically anyone without the appropriate experience and appropriate equipment. This will ultimately lead to mediocre results. If you assume you can do something like this on your own, don’t underestimate the momentous task. On the other hand, external paint specialists understand how to do this sort of thing and have done it lots of times already. They will be able to supply the results that you are seeking.

Quicker Job Completion

If you tackle the job by yourself you can expect to sacrifice a lot of your free time. Maybe a week, maybe more, depending on the size of your home. You can also expect several trips to the paint or hardware store. On the other hand, a painting contractor has a trained crew on the job that will work in concert with each other and finish the job in just a couple of days. Not only that they will leave it looking like a million bucks.

No Need to Purchase Expensive Tools

Professional exterior painting contractors will already have all the necessary top-quality painting tools and equipment required for the job. This will allow them to reach every nook and cranny and every inch of the surface. Having the right tools allows them to deliver consistent results, and make it less challenging to get it all done. These tools will not only make the whole process a lot smoother but also much safer and quicker too. If you are assuming that you will be saving money by trying to get the job done yourself, you might find yourself buying a lot of equipment thus wasting a lot of money and time.

Better Protection of Your Investment

High-quality paint is crucial, more so on the exterior than the interior. The exterior walls of your home are going to be exposed to the elements 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the harsh sunlight, moisture, and wind. That is why they need to be protected. Only good quality paint and a minimum of 2 coats will do the job. A professional painting contractor will select the proper sealants, coatings, and techniques to keep your home protected.

Choose a Reputable Exterior Painting Contractor

There are many painting companies for you to choose from. Be sure to do your diligence by checking into their credentials and online reviews. Regardless of your needs, our team here at Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. is ready to help you with it in a way that protects your property and delivers beautiful results.  If you would like to know more about our exterior painting services in Fairfield and other nearby communities, you can visit our website, or give us a call at (707) 427-0445.

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