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Wood Siding and Stucco Repair

wood siding repair, Universal Painting Contractors, Inc., Fairfield, CA
stucco repair, Universal Painting Constractors, Inc, Fairfield CA
Siding typically requires very little maintenance since it's designed to withstand the elements. But when it does need repair - usually to wood rot - the specialists at Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. can complete the repair so it looks like new again.

Universal Painting Contractors specializes in Wood Siding and Stucco Repair. Over the many years we have been in business, we have gained a huge amount of experience that allows us to offer fast and quality repair service to homeowners and businesses who have experienced damage to their Wood Siding and Stucco.

Dry rot and stucco cracks are a normal issue for any structure. Prior to any paint project our crew members will thoroughly inspect your house or commercial property and identify any potential damaged areas. They are very good at spotting problems. During the prep day, our crew will replace dry rotted wood, fill all stucco and wood holes, and stucco cracks. We know to NEVER caulk a stucco crack in the middle of the wall! This will change the texture of the stucco (spider web look) and the issue will be more visible. Our crew uses a unique process to feather in the patch to match the existing texture so you (and your neighbors) will never see it again! After the patch is complete, the surface will be primed and covered with two top coats.

If your stucco or wood siding have been damaged or show signs of damage and need repair, call the experts at Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. at 707-427-0445.


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