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Exterior House Painting Ideas to Consider

by admin
Looking for exterior house painting ideas to consider?  You have come to the right place.  We recently saw this article originally published here and decided to post it here as well in the hopes it will help our readers: “While most homeowners put a lot of thought, time, and effort into decorating the inside of their homes, many often overlook the importance of the outer appearance of their house. Having a beautiful exterior and front yard is the first thing people see and as such, it is significant if one wants to leave a good first impression. Moreover, having an […]
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House Color Trends for 2020

by admin
Thinking of repainting your home but don’t know the house color trends for 2020? Why is that important? The color of a house reflects the personality and image of the people living there. But it also paints a picture of time if the color is outdated and reflects a time of the past. For instance, in the eighties, the popular colors were pastels like mauve, coral, and seafoam green.  In the nineties, we saw deep jewel tones, like hunter green and burgundy. But that is not all that does influence the first-hand impression of a home. Over time even the […]