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wood rot repair by Universal Painting Contractors, Inc.

What is Wood Rot

by Birgit
Wood rot is an unwelcome issue most homeowners experience at one point or another. Wood rot can be found in any part of your home where there is timber as long as the environmental conditions exist for the outbreak. It can be as simple as a small piece of trim to affecting an entire home. Over time wood rot can lead to a number of structural problems, including deteriorated support posts and beams, rotted floor and ceiling joists, and destroyed roof decking. The cost to repair the damage—or, in other words, replace the rotted wood—can run in the tens of […]

10 AMAZING Painting Hacks. Paint Like a PRO.

by admin
[Music] this is Christie Idaho painter here on paint live TV today I got 10 painting hacks for you in 10 minutes if you don't follow me on Facebook I'm on Facebook the Idaho painter and Instagram paint live TV and these are 10 hacks that I posted a while back on these two platforms and they're really cool and very simple and you don't want to miss them so stay tuned handy tip of the day we're gonna catch dust with our hand master when we're cutting the hole in wall got a imaginary hole we're gonna be dealing […]
the benefits of interior painting | Universal Painting Contractors, Fairfield, CA 94534

What Are the Benefits of Repainting the Interior of Your Home?

by Birgit
There are many reasons why you might be thinking of repainting the interior of your home. The most common ones are you just bought a new home, or you are expecting a baby, or you just got tired of the way things look now, or maybe you are thinking of selling. These are just some of the reasons why you might want to repaint the interior for your home, and the upcoming winter months are the perfect time to do just that.  Whatever your reason is, consider the expert services of Universal Painting Contractors in Fairfield, CA if you live […]
drywall repair Fairfield Ca, Universal Painting Contractors, Inc.

Drywall Repair In Fairfield

by admin
Looking for drywall repair in Fairfield and beyond? You may know Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. as a premier painting contractor for residential and commercial properties and chances are, you have seen our crews in the Fairfield, Vacaville, Vallejo neighborhoods, and beyond. But did you know that we do drywall repair in Fairfield and beyond as well? Damage to drywall – also know as gypsum board – is an all too common a problem in properties and needs to be repaired before a wall can be repainted.  Drywall is a less than perfect building material that has been around for decades […]