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How Often Should You Repaint the Interior of Your Home?

by Birgit
Have you ever wondered about interior repainting schedules? How often you should repaint the interior walls of your home really depends on several factors: usage – a kitchen will most like need repainting more frequently due to grease exposure and a bathroom due to moisture exposure traffic – a hallway and the kid’s bedrooms experience more wear and tear and will need repainting more often than a living room would exposure to smoke or other pungent smells. Heavy usage and exposure can deteriorate the paint on the walls quickly. They can get dirty-looking, stained, chipped off, and cracked. As a […]
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How Does Paint Color Affect Mood?

by Birgit
Have you ever wondered how the color of paint on your walls can affect your mood? Or why you feel a little depressed or anxious every time you step into a certain room? Could it be the paint on your walls? Scientific research has shown that colors can either boost our mood, make us feel calm, or even trigger depressed or aggressive responses. Which prompts the question: what is the cause for these reactions? The emotional responses we have to color – according to Psychology Today – has everything to do with a color’s saturation – how pure a color […]