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5 Interior House Painting Tips

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The freedom to transform your home to your personal taste is always something incredibly alluring. A home should reflect you and what you love. New paint with the colors of your choice can totally transform the space you live in.

Interior house painting can be a very challenging and even an intimidating endeavor if you decide to takle it yourself. Basically, you have the option to do it yourself or hire a professional painting company.

If you opt to do it yourself, these tips will help you get the job done to your satisfaction.

1. Choosing Colors:

The most important step of course is choosing the colors you like. That alone can be a momentus task. You should at least have a good idea of what color combination apeal to you and fit your space. Be sure to make use of color palettes and small sample purchases some paint companies make available to brush onto your wall. Take a look at the sample swatch in different lighting conditions, you will be amazed at the difference light can make.

A professional painting contractor with years of experience has the experience to help you with color selection.

2. Gathering Equipment and Tools:

After color selection, you have to purchase all the tools and equipment needed for painting your rooms; which includes step ladders, sanding and scraping tools, wire brush, respirator, paint rollers and pads, a paint tray, plastic sheeting to cover furniture, carpets, etc., work gloves, drop cloth, and masking tape, and of course the primer and paint. A word of advise: Don’t try and safe money by picking cheap quality paint. Thinking ahead will eliminate several trips to the paint or hardware store during the job.

A professional painting company such as Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. will of course have all the supplies at hand and will acquire the paint for you as well.

3. Repairing Cracks, Dents and other Damages:

After moving furniture and masking off areas it’s time to remove any dirt and oil build-ups from the walls and make necessary repairs such as filling holes and cracks. Allow it to dry.

Repairing drywalls, filling cracks and dents can sometimes be challenging and best left to a professional painter who know what he is doing.

5. Finally, Ready to Paint

Finally, you are ready to paint starting with a primer. Always start with the corners, ceiling and trim with a brush before you tackle the walls with a rollers. If you paint without using a primer, 2 things could happen. 1) If you go from darker to lighter the darker color could shine through, or 2) if the walls weren’t prepped properly the paint would peel off. In that case, you have to scrape all the paint off again, clean the surface before applying the the paint again. Nowadays, you can find paint that contains primer eliminating the need for a primer coat.

Be sure to open windows and doors of your house during painting, as it provides better ventilation and the paint dries off quicker.

Once your painting job is complete, it’s time for the clean-up and getting your room back into shape. Step back and enjoy your handywork.

We hope that these interior house do-it-yourself painting tips from the most experienced painting company in Fairfield, CA Universal Painting Contractors, Inc., will get you pro results!

On the other hand, if this sounds like way too much work, contact us for an in-home estimate for your painting job. If you consider money spent on supplies and time spent on the job you will be amazed what we can do for you.

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