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Drywall Repair

To get the best results with a painting project chances are you may first need drywall repair. But not every painting contractor can do Drywall Repair. It's messy, and requires a special skill. And without the proper level of experience, the repair job will never match the existing wall.

Our Universal Painting technicians have the skill to fix all blemishes so you will never know it's been repaired. Serving Fairfield and the surrounding cities since 1994, we have gained a vast amount of drywall repair experience that allows us to offer fast and quality service to homeowners and businesses alike.

Drywall damage can happen pretty easily and we have seen and fixed it all. Ranging from drywall cracks caused by the structure settling to overly rambunctious kids punching holes in the walls. While some drywall damage might not seem like a big deal, even the smallest crack or hole cannot just be painted over. It will still be noticeable to the naked eye. For this reason, our crew spends a tremendous amount of time patching, caulking, priming, and sanding all the drywall issues before we even think about applying paint. After the patch is done, we can apply all texture types (Smooth, Knock-Down, Orange-Peel) and two top coats of paint to make the damage completely disappear!

If your drywall has been damaged, call Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. at 707-427-0445.


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