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Interior and Exterior Doors

Universal Painting Contractors, Inc., Fairfield, CA, painting doors
UPC (Universal Painting Contractors) also offers Interior & Exterior Doors painting or replacement services to homeowners and businesses who need work done one their Interior & Exterior Doors.

Doors are not only a high usage item in your space but can also be a feature point requiring a professional touch to look perfect. We have a few crew members who solely work on doors to make sure each customer gets the highest quality of craftsmanship. First, we will hand wash the door with a TSP, then sand it down with a fine grit paper, then wipe the doors down again with TSP to remove any residual dust, prime the door, then we spray two topcoats of premium semi gloss hard enamel paint. This process will make sure the paint will dry with a very hard surface making your doors more washable and durable!

If your door is beyond repair or you simply want a different style of door, we can match the current dimensions and install the new door.

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