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Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Steve Fitzpatrick. As Steve built his company, he followed a simple philosophy; give customers the highest quality service for the fairest price. This philosophy served him well through the years as the business grew. Today, Steve continues as an industry leader with unmatched knowledge, service, quality and professionalism.


As a family-owned local painting company, Universal Painting Contractors, Inc. is a full-service painting company. We provide a wide range of services, including interior and exterior painting for commercial and residential projects. Apart from painting we also offer deck refinishing, cabinet refinishing, baseboards and crown molding, fence & drywall repairs, color consultation, and power washing.

We have been providing community members in Fairfield, Vacaville, Dixon, Vallejo, American Canyon, and Napa. With many years of incredible service, we have no plans of stopping anytime soon. Our clients love working with us and many of them return as repeat customers.

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Why Choose our Residential Painting Services?

1) Expert Painters - All our painters have undergone training and industry certified professionals with years of experience. Our team is always on time and complete the task as per the commitment. They are trained in both interior and exterior painting services. Our painters have experience with all kinds of paint materials and surfaces. We use eco-friendly and superior paints for all our jobs.

2) Budget-Friendly Painters - Our vision at UPC Paint is to provide world-class painting services at the most affordable prices. Our painters perform high-quality work at prices that match every budget. We offer a free estimate based on the services required after a detailed analysis of the effort and materials involved.

3) We Deliver the work on-time - We ensure that our services get completed as per promised deadlines. We have never been late on a project and adhere to promised schedules strictly. Our team is continuously in touch with you to schedule appointments, conduct area surveys, and plan the best time for the job.

4) Professional Look - You can rest assured that your premises receive professional treatment when you hire UPC Paint. We use the best quality paints and coatings, which are eco-friendly and long-lasting. We treat each job uniquely to ensure that we use the right colors. Our experts will have your premises looking pristine and new after every job.

5) Expert Surface Preparation - Our professional team of painters spends considerable time to inspect and prepare the surfaces for painting. We understand how environmental factors such as wind, sun, and humidity affect structures. We carefully make the surface by removing rust, clearing dust, and fixing cracks before we apply the paint. It ensures a long-lasting and beautiful paint coating.

6) Use of Premium Quality Materials - Every single material and equipment we use for our interior & exterior painting jobs are premium grade and best in the industry. Our paints and coatings are durable, long-lasting, and weather-proof. Some of the paints we use for our jobs are superior brands like Sherman-Williams. Our painting equipment is safe and clean to ensure your safety.

7) Certified Painters - All the painters we hire at UPC Paint are certified professionals with several years of experience. We individually screen and background check each personnel before hiring. Our painters have the training necessary to prepare the surface as well as eradicate any hazardous materials on the surface.

8) New Painting Equipment - We regularly upgrade our painting equipment to meet industry safety as well as quality standards. Our high-quality and new tools guarantee improved efficiency for your project. Our equipment is specialized for each painting task and is easily portable to even the smallest of entry spaces.

9) Floor Door & Window Protection - We provide a professional covering for your doors or windows, and it doesn't need painting again. It prevents any paint or residue from affecting your doors or floors for both residential and commercial painting. It also means that you will need minimal cleaning after the painting for these areas. We use newspapers or plastics to protect your doors, floors, or windows.

Types of Residential Painting Services We Deliver

(i) Family Room Painting
Our expert team of painters makes the painting of your family rooms a hassle-free experience. Our professionals will not only beautify your family room but also clear any surface debris and dust before painting. We use eco-friendly and low chemical paints to protect your family and pets.

(ii) Bathroom Painting
Our bathroom painting services keep your bathrooms and closet areas sparkling new. We take special care to prepare the surfaces and remove any dust or mold from the walls before painting. We cover the floor and fixtures such as bathtubs with newspapers or plastics to prevent any paint from dripping on them.

(iii) Kitchen Painting
UPC Paint offers several kitchen painting and refinishing services. Our experts inspect the existing color schemes and fixtures carefully before beginning. Apart from painting the kitchen walls, our services also include painting cabinets and ceilings. We can also give your fresh ideas for brightening up your current kitchen walls and cabinet color schemes.

(iv) Living Room Painting
An inviting and warm living room is a great place to gather around with family and friends. Count on us to lively up your living room with a fresh coat of paint. We offer professional tips for choosing living room colors that complement your taste and lifestyle.

(v) Dining Room painting
We design dining room painting services to bring cheer and comfort while dining with friends or family. Our experts use high-quality paints that have low odor and are eco-friendly. It means that you can start entertaining guests instantly, and you can clean the surfaces easily.

(vi) Bedroom Painting
We are experts at painting bedrooms with the most soothing and comforting colors. We can suggest the perfect color combinations for both adult and children's bedrooms. We use high-quality and non-toxic paints that repel dust and keep your loved ones safe. We are experts at painting both small and spacious bedrooms.

(vii) Cabinet Painting

Our certified and professional painters have experience in painting all types of cabinets. Apart from painting framed cabinets, wooden cabinets, we also experts in painting kitchen cabinets. Cabinet painting is a sustainable and low-cost option compared to buying new replacements. We use natural colored paints and finishes to have your old cabinets gleaming as new.


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