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How to Find the Right Residential Painting Contractor

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In all likelihood, once you have made the decision to repaint our home – inside or out – you start looking for the best residential painting contractor nearby. And most likely, there are many to choose from. But how do we go about finding the best painting contractor nearby that will provide exceptional services at a fair price? Read on…

A residential painting services company of skilled professionals can transform a home into a place you are proud to live in and show off. The selection of paint colors and textures can make a large difference in the comfort and look of your living space. Before you start any residential painting project, it is important that you have an idea of what you wish to achieve. Do you want to add value to your home or simply give it a warm and inviting appearance? Also, take into account what kind of surface is needed for the residential painting project.

If you want to achieve a particular effect and would like to use multiple colors on the walls and different floors of your home, then you must be prepared to pay a hefty price for the service. A residential painting services company will do a free estimate for your house with no obligation. The estimate should outline in detail the work that will be performed, what is included, and what is not. This means that you will not pay for the services until you are completely satisfied with the work and the final product. You can get an estimate from several reputable professional painters who provide residential painting services near you.

Finding the Right Residential Painting Company Nearby

boils down to:

  • experience
  • resources
  • communication, and
  • legalities.

Don’t shop on price alone! A reputable residential painting company will have an experienced crew of vetted painters working in their company. You can judge a company by how long their painters have been with them.  You can also assess a company by how important it is to them to keep you and your property safe. A company that does not do background checks on their employees, well…..Furthermore, pay attention to how they respond to your inquiries. That is often a good indicator of the kind of service that you will receive. You can ask for a free estimate from these painters as part of your background checks for painters available in your locality. You should ask whether the painter has experience in painting walls made of different materials and how long they have been doing this kind of work.

In most cases, residential painters will be licensed by the local government. They will carry a valid license number which entitles them to perform certain types of work and repairs, carry Liability and Workers Comp Insurance, and often are also members of several local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, etc., and a professional Association.  If they have been in business for a while you can expect them to carry a list of recommendations from previous customers as well.  Such a list would help you to find a highly competent residential painting contractor who is not just experienced but also provides the necessary protection against liability issues and ensures that their clients are protected from unscrupulous contractors.

Most reputed residential house painting contractor companies will not undertake interior or exterior painting projects unless there is a requirement to do so. Exterior painting usually involves jobs like repainting the exterior walls of the home, painting fences, and the porch or gazebo. You should choose a painting company that has experience in undertaking such jobs. A good company would have painters who can paint the entire exterior of your house in just a couple of days. They would use high-quality paints and supplies to ensure that your home looks great and keeps your neighbors happy.

When it comes to finding and selecting the right residential painting contractor nearby, choose one that can offer turn-key services that include color consultation, repairs to wood-rot, stucco, and drywall. It is advisable that you choose a painting company that uses only high-quality paints and supplies so that your paint job lasts for a long time. Avoid contractors that are low-bidders. Chances are, they do not carry the necessary insurance leaving you exposed to medical expenses and loss of work payments should there be an accident at your premises.

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